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Residential Portfolio 1

A combination of two bungalow lots complementing the site condition with it's modern architecture and interior concept
Taman Bullion Mewah, Jalan Ipoh (2009)
A two storey Interior Design works reflecting modern english style theme
Taman Dagang Terrace House (2010)
A two storey house renovation emphasising on the modern architecture and interior elements
Riana Ukay Terrace House (2011)
A two storey Architecture and Interior design works reflecting modern style theme.Design and built works consisting of kitchen extension, new facade works, electrical points, plaster ceiling works and kitchen and wardrobe built-in
Wangsa Maju Flat, Seksyen 2 (2012)
External and internal renovation works consist of kitchen extension
and internal flooring finishes with built-in dry kitchen carpentry works
Taman Bukit Mewah Flat, Kajang 2 (2012)
Internal renovation works consist of basic kitchen renovation and 
internal flooring finishes 
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