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Archid Studio ( architecture and interior ) is formed in 2009 by a team of dedicated people encompassing various skills from different trades of architecture and interior spatiality. We are highly skilled in producing good quality products and specializing in catering the needs of projects in hotels, restaurants, commercial building, government buildings, housing development, private residential and entertainment centers.
Emphasizing in quality and construction efficiency is our top issue and the ability to identify, analyze and resolve problems during all stage of constructions and fabrications are well organized. We take pride in achieving satisfaction from our clients and always looking forward for new architecture and interior
design challenges to overcome.

Message From The Director

In a truly one of a kind artistic set piece, each and every product are not mass produce, sizes and detailing can be customized to fit the site conditions and to cater clients individual needs. All products are presented and available in a wide selection of colours and fabric finishes as well as a wide variety of wood and glass to complement any environment.
As a designer, we set trends, come out with new ideas and bend popular principles of what architecture and interior should be and this team of specialist are the ones that realizing the ideas. Our unique style is created by borrowing basic and classic forms incorporated by implementing modern visualization and inspirations from nature. The end result is incomparable, innovative designs and solutions for the client to adore and to love.

Market Prospects

The demand of architecture and interior products ties in with the high growth in the housing development and construction sector. On the larger scale basis, the market lays in demand from hotels, commercial buildings, restaurants, entertainment centers, etc. On a smaller scale the demand comes from individual house owners who need to remodel or build their house.
Competition in the local market is quite keen. With this high demand and competitive market, we provide advantages for our client by educating them the values of architecture and interior products as well as providing a professional customer service. We also take pride on the good quality and our speedy completion delivery.
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