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Commercial Proposal  Portfolio 1

Proposed Early Childhood Center, University Selangor
(UNISEL), Bestari Jaya
A proposal for an early childhood center complete with rooms, cafeteria, administration office and indoor/outdoor play area.
Persada Putra Mix Development Building
Conceptual Design Implementing Modern Architecture and Interior on A Mix Development Building-Shoplot, Cafe, Hotel and Business Centre
Bookstore at Management and Science University (MSU)
Shah Alam
Conceptual Rebranding proposal for new image and interior works at MSU Bookstore.
Corporate Office Facade Building Proposal, Ampang
Conceptual proposal for rebranding of a company complete with
new modern style corporate office
PERNAMA New Upgrading Proposal, Subang
Conceptual proposal for new PERNAMA complete with centralize commercial lot and shops
New Restaurant Proposal, Bangi
Conceptual proposal consist of architecture and interior with modern concept.
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